Begin anywhere, just begin.

Are you feeling stuck, out of control, or overwhelmed?

Do you want more out of life, work or relationships?

Is something holding you back from living the life you want?

Then I can help. 

I partner people through positive change. Inspired and guided by the beauty and wisdom of nature, I help you to nurture your desire for change, awaken your senses, re-connect with your heart and align with your inner purpose. By exploring your ideal scene, unlocking limits and taking action, you will be equipped with new awareness and empowered to move forward with renewed energy and confidence.

Here are some of the services I offer:

Nourish and nuture

Re-connect with the real YOU.  Be re-empowered with confidence and awareness of self. Raise your energy, your positivity and productivity, and welcome abundance.

Flourish and bloom

Re-motivate, change direction, and tackle new challenges. Let go of self-doubt and guilt. Take control of your future and stand tall in your power.

Emerge and Fly

Revive your dreams and reach for the stars. A limitless place to explore what you want, to take a different path, to do the unexpected. It is never too late to live true to you.

Root and shoot

Renew your positivity and re-ignite your sense of adventure. Empower yourself to embrace a new scene with confidence and structure.

Nutrient boost

Top up your coaching with ad-hoc seasonal boosters to help maintain energy and focus on your ever evolving growth.

Events and Retreats
Various locations

Discover a deeper connection with your true self through elemental workshops and retreats. Awaken your senses and explore the art of the possible.

The destination might still be foggy but the next step is what matters most.

Clients’ journeys

I didn’t know much about coaching techniques, and hadn’t been coached before the sessions with Sam, but it’s been a bit of an epiphany. She helped me discover many things about myself that have been holding me back, and guided me towards a sustainable personal goal. I’ve grown in confidence, seeing the impact after only one session, and now tackle issues that I’ve previously avoided. I recognise the power of coaching, and use the techniques with my own team, where before I would have directed. I fully recommend these sessions with Sam – it’s changed how I approach my work & home life in a very positive way.
Project Change Development Manager
Sam was there for me at the right time, asking me the right questions. She was understanding of my needs and concerns and gave me guidance and tools to help me find my path to my goal.
Managing Director, Switzerland
I started working with Sam when I approached a crossroads with a number of items weighing me down. I was confused on which direction I should take and how I remove the weight of issues I was carrying. Sam was fantastic- She listened carefully and worked constructively with me to me break-down the items that were weighing me down & restricting my development. Sam motivated me to set realistic short & medium term goals to overcome these challenges, and helped clarify the new direction for me with clear objectives to strive for and achieve. I would certainly recommend Sam, she helped me regain my confidence and ability to tackle challenges head-on!
Product Team Manager
Sam has guided and inspired me to find my own path to reach goals that I actually never thought I could achieve. She has given me the ‘tools’ to maintain the momentum I now have and is always there to support me when the going gets slightly tough. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam as a coach.
Corporate Manager
During our first session I was able to see exactly what was actually at the root of my concern and immediately I felt lighter. Once identified these things lost their power over me and over the subsequent sessions I was able to completely turn around my thinking. The work we did felt natural and valuable and Sam was able to channel my abilities and instincts to ensure I performed at my best and didn't just settle for 'dealing' with it!
Retail Consultant
“My mindset, personal and professional relationship and my self-belief have all grown significantly in the last 9 months since I have started my coaching relationship with Sam… From the initial call and then our first meeting, I built a strong bond with Sam and through her gentle questioning, great listening and ability to connect my current feelings with early experiences, I have had a number of “Eureka” moments, where I have come to truly understand myself, developed a much greater sense of perspective and started to like myself - and as a result been much kinder to me!”
Claire S
Corporate Finance
I would like to recommend Sam's workshops - one of which I attended recently - it encapsulated all aspects of 'Natural Coaching' with a beautiful setting in the countryside, complete with yurt, woodland and a studio made from straw bales. It explored the inner and aspects of ourselves with conversation and meditation. The lunch was mostly home cooked, yummy, vegetarian delights. And the main event of creating our own vision/focus boards was deeply personal and yet supported, nurtured and mindful. A beautiful co-creation with Sam and her inspiring energy at its core - highly recommended.
Claire E
Mindfulness & Neuro-development
Sam is hugely supportive, insightful, inspirational, loving and so much more. She has had an extremely positive impact upon my life and work and has really helped me to tap into my creativity. I took part in Sam's Vision Board workshop yesterday and it was just perfect. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2018 will bring with Sam's support and influence, and recommend her highly to anyone who is looking to make positive changes. Thank you Sam!
Vocal Coach
I have worked with Sam @ Natural Edge Coaching since Oct 2017 and her ability as a person of empathy makes her a fabulous coach. I would not describe myself as a huge outdoor person but Sam has taught me how to truly connect with nature, acknowledge seasonal shifts and use those to reflect on personal and professional goals. I would describe Sam as my cheerleader, she has pushed and challenged me but all of the time supported me, making the coaching relationship open and thought provoking. Whilst working with Sam, I have changed mindset, overcome fears and achieved career goals including winning an award for my business in only the 5th month of trading. I fully recommend Sam and Natural Edge Coaching.
Business Owner


Off she goes to the forest…to bathe?

Yes, you read it right. I’m taking myself off, to delve deep into the forest to learn more about the wonders and science of connecting with nature.

Video: Real life positive transition – Danish Delivery

Introduction to my personal ongoing life transition, titled the Danish Delivery. I am sharing this transition in an experiential manner and using it to describe and share insights, reflections, learning and tools which may help with your own personal transitions.

Adapting to our own uniqueness

With the new year upon us I feel a surge of energy, as though many of us are at a similar point, this being the cross roads and wanting to step into the unknown land beyond.  So how will we adapt to this new feeling, these new changes?  What will prevent the retreat?

Successfully Navigating the Scene Changes; Danish Delivery

Transition I am learning fast that it is crucial when navigating change, or multiple scene changes, to be soft and gentle on yourself throughout. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or little, intermittent or fixed, long or short-term change.

Supporting Baby Loss Awareness Week 9-15th Oct 2017

Many of you already know the topic of baby loss is one very close to my heart.  This week provides a platform for many families in the UK and around

Awareness of the in-betweeners; insights following a struggle to pregnancy.

Having shared a bit of my struggle to motherhood story a few months ago, I am clear that it was the right thing to do, not only for myself but more than that, for the response I received from other people.

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